Publishing your signup form

There are a few different ways to publish your signup form to your website. Which one you use is up to you, and they all have their place. You can access all of the options by choosing 'Add this to your site' from the options menu to the right of the signup form's name. Here's a list of the methods.

  1. Link to it - This is a simple link to your signup form that you can incorporate into your website. Copy the link, insert it into the HTML code of your site and you're ready to go.
  2. Use a pop-up - If you insert this code into your website, users will get a pop-up window containing your signup form when they click.
  3. Use an iframe - The iframe option inserts the signup form directly into your website. This is a great option if you want the form to be built into your page, but it is a bit limited in terms of customization.
  4. Use a JavaScript object - Our JavaScript object allows you to build your signup form directly into your website and customize it completely using CSS. Click here for detailed instructions on how to use this.

Make sure to maximize your signup form:

  • Consider all of the possible places where you can link your signup form. Drop that link in your email signature, on your blog or your business card.
  • Ask people to join your list when they're most likely to say yes: after they've just bought something they love from your store, or after they've finished a great meal at your restaurant.
  • Or offer a bit of instant gratification once people sign up. Get creative, and include a link to a printable coupon or premium content.