FAQs about images

Take a look at these frequently asked questions about campaign images. And let us know if you have a question that’s not listed here.

What should my image’s specs be?
Images need to be JPEGs, GIFs or PNGs, 72 dpi and RGB color format. Animated GIFs work too (except in Outlook 2007 and 2010).

What size image do you recommend?
Recommended image size depends upon the content layout you use. Your stationery template is set to a fixed width (of about 600 - 700 pixels) so that your campaign can display in all email clients, and you won’t want to use images that break the template’s border. For an advanced layout, we recommend images of about 120 x 120 pixels. Newsletter templates work best with images of about 240 x 240 pixels. Images can be larger when using a simple layout, and the largest size we recommend is 480 x 480 pixels.

What if my image is larger than 480 x 480 pixels? Is there a size limit?
Very large images are ill advised in an email environment. Since the width of your stationery is about 600 - 700 pixels, you won’t want to stretch it wider. Many email clients will simply break your header or your content images if they are too wide, and many spam filters outright block emails if they've got very large images in them. If you load in an image that’s bigger than 800 x 800 pixels, the application will automatically downsize the image.

Can I resize images in the application?
The application has four predetermined image sizes: small (120 x 120 pixels); medium (240 x 240 pixels); large (360 x 360 pixels); and x-large (480 x 480 pixels). Assuming your image is smaller than 800 x 800 pixels, it will be added to your campaign at its original size. You can also downsize your image while keeping its proportions. For example, if you add an image that’s 480 x 635 pixels and choose the medium size (240 x 240 pixels), your image will downsize to about 180 x 240 images, which is close to the medium size while still staying true to the proportions of your original.

You cannot enlarge your image. Instead, use an external photo-editing tool and then add that new image to your campaign.

Can I resize an animated GIF?
No, you cannot change the size of an animated GIF once it's in your campaign. Make sure your animated GIF is the size you want before adding it to a campaign.

Can I add a PDF to an image placeholder?
No, a PDF is not an image and cannot be added to an image placeholder. Instead you can add the PDF to your document library and link to it from the campaign.

Is there a limit to the number of images I can have in a campaign?
The image limit depends on the layout you choose. Some of the newsletter layouts have space for 5 images, while some of the advanced layouts can hold up to ten images. There's not a way to add images to a layout, and the idea is that we don't want you to put in so many images that you could have delivery problems.

Can I change the alignment of an image?
Image placement is hard-coded in the layout so you'll want to choose a content layout that has images placed where you like. For example, images are left-aligned in newsletter 1, whereas they're center-aligned in simple 8.

Can I paste an image into a text box or enter an image path in the HTML code of the text box?
Trying to paste or embed an image in a text box will not work. Your image may appear in preview mode of the campaign, but most mail clients will not be able to render the image and will strip it out. Place all images in a 'Your image here' placeholder.