Uploading images

You can add, link and resize images you use in campaigns. Images need to be GIFs, JPEGs, or PNGs.

How to upload an image:

  1. Start by choosing a layout that includes image slots. Click to Change the layout at the top of the campaign while in edit mode.
  2. Click on the Your image here button of your choosing.
  3. Browse and find your image (on your desktop or network), or select an image from your image library.
  4. If your image is larger than you'd like, select a smaller option in the resize menu.
  5. Add a link in the link field if you'd like people to be able to click on the image and be directed back to a webpage.
  6. Add alternative text that will appear for anyone who can't see the image.
  7. Save, and if this is an image you plan to use again, check the option to add it to your image library for quick access.

To remove an image, just click the image in edit mode to bring the image editor back up. Then, click the Remove button in the top right corner and click save to close the message window.

My image slot just disappeared! If you upload a file only to find that the entire image slot just vanished, you may have uploaded an incorrectly formatted image - most commonly, a PDF or image saved in CMYK mode instead of RGB. When you save such an image, you'll experience image upload failure. Contact us for help restoring it.