Glossary Part IV: T through Z

Template/stationery: The design that frames the content of an email, including the header, border and footer.

Test group: An audience group in your account that contains up to 10 email addresses for the purpose of testing mailings before they're sent.

Unsubscribe/opt out: The process of removing oneself from an email list, meaning the brand is no longer legally allowed to send that individual emails. A person can opt out at any time by clicking the opt out link at the bottom of a mailing.

Webview (private): The online version of a mailing, which a person can access by clicking the "see it online" link in the mailing in their inbox.

Webview (public): The online version of the mailing, which can be archived on your website or posted online. This is a public version, so any identifying information about the recipient as well as the preference panel are stripped out. You can access the webview URL by clicking on the name of your mailing on the main Response page and clicking on the webview link at the top-right of the next page.

Whitelist: Adding an ESP's domain to a customer's server which allows email messages to be delivered regardless of spam filters.