Publishing your mailing online

If you want to archive a mailing on your site or link to a previous mailing, follow these steps:

  1. After sending your mailing, head to the Response page, choose the Completed tab and click on the mailing's name.
  2. In the left sidebar below your mailing's thumbnail image, you'll see an Online version link.
  3. Click there to open the online version, and then copy the url and create a link on your website, use the url to create a link in a new mailing or convert the online version to a PDF here or here.

Repeat these steps for each mailing you want to archive or link to.

A mailing's response is available for 18 months after the mailing was sent. Then, the data is archived, and it is no longer available in your account.

The online version is also available for 18 months after a mailing was sent, and then the link will expire. If you'd like to save a mailing for longer than 18 months, we suggest saving it as a PDF.