A tour of your Response page

Once you send out a mailing, your response results will immediately start building on the main Response page. As your account gathers the data, it's helpful to know how it's all organized to understand what your mailing response means.

Mailing score

The mailing score -- which displays 24 hours after a mailing is sent -- factors in open rate, click-through rate, shares percentage, opt-out percentage and signup percentage along with the use of split testing to give you a number on a 10-point scale and compare it to the community average.

Opens by device

See whether your recipients viewed your email on their desktop or a mobile device. Tablet opens are listed under mobile.

Opens by client

Learn which email client -- like Outlook or Apple Mail -- your recipients used to view your email.

Click analysis

Click to display the content performance overlay to get a visual for where within your email your recipients clicked, and take these learnings to inform image, text and link placement in future mailings. (This click map will not display in Internet Explorer 9 or when adding Google Analytics to your links.)

Helpful tips

  • While most emails arrive to your recipients within minutes, the full send cycle can take up to 24 hours. If we have any trouble delivering to particular addresses, we'll continue to reach out to them up to four times within 24 hours.
  • Mailings sent before April 1, 2014, will not have opens by device or opens by email client. Most will not see a mailing score. We were not collecting that data until April 1, 2014, and do not have a way to go back to fetch it.
  • For mailings sent between that date and the date the new Response page was turned on for your account, it takes a little longer to tally metrics for these mailings, so check back later for updated totals. The first time an older mailing is opened, you will see a message that we are retrieving stats. During the period of retrieval, numbers may be slightly off until it’s finished. Once the stats are fetched, that mailing will remain updated, with no waiting necessary the next time it's opened.
  • A mailing's response is available for 18 months after the mailing has been sent. Then, the data is deleted from your account, and it is no longer available. The webview is also available for 18 months after a mailing has been sent, and then the link will expire. It is no longer available after this time. If you'd like to save a mailing for longer than 18 months, we'd suggest saving as a PDF.
  • On any tab of "Your mailings" from the main Response page, you can sort the list of mailings by name, type, recipients and sent date. Simply click the little arrows to the right of the column names. You can likewise sort your surveys by name, number of responses or the publish timestamp.
  • To delete a response from your main Response page, simply choose Delete this mailing's response from the options button on the right. Or, check multiple responses and Delete selected mailings using the main options button in the top-right corner of the list.