Reading your survey's response

From your main Response page, you can check response details for your surveys right under your list of mailing responses. From the options menu to the right of the survey's name, choose 'View this survey's response.' In the About this survey box, you'll see the survey's start and end dates and a link to the webview. Scroll to Your response to see the percentage of people who took your survey, how they answered and answers from individual survey takers. Choose a section to learn more:

Who responded

Use the information in this section to find out how many contacts viewed a survey and how many completed a survey.

Click on any of those numbers to see the details on the contacts who responded to your survey. If the response was from someone to whom you mailed an invitation from your account, you'll be able to see his or her contact information. If they came from a link you posted online or dropped in a personal email, they'll be listed as anonymous.

Where they came from

Here, you can track how respondents came to take your survey. The Mailings category will tell you how many people responded from an invitation you mailed from your account. The Direct visits category will give you the number of contacts who responded by clicking a link you posted online or dropped in a personal email.

Click on either of those numbers to see details on the people who responded to your survey, keeping in mind that they'll be listed as anonymous if they're in the direct visits category.

What they had to say

Find out detailed survey results by viewing the overview of question responses under The questions or by clicking on the Questions tab. For checkbox, radio button or dropdown menu questions, click the dropdown arrow to see a list of the responses to each option you listed, as well as bar graphs to visually represent responses.

When you click the numbers next to each option summary, you'll see member-level details about your survey-takers, including the name and email address of people already on your email list. Survey-takers who took a publicly posted survey will be listed as anonymous.

Clicking the People tab opens a list of all survey takers who completed the survey Choose 'View all of this person's answers' to see their responses and how they compare to the rest of the audience.