Starting a new survey

Survey basics, including choosing a template and setting a text style

Ready to create a survey? To get started, head to your Campaigns page, and scroll to the Your surveys section. Click Create a new survey on the right side of the screen. Give your survey a name that will appear in your account, as well as a page title that will appear at the top of the browser when your survey is published.

You can select the template that frames your content and select a style for your content text.

How to set your template:

In the About this survey section, click Change to choose the template you'd like to frame your content. You cannot create a survey using a blank template with editable header or a template in which you upload your own HTML.

How to set your text style:

Text styles are a collection of preset fonts and sizes designed to quickly and automatically format your survey's headlines, questions and answers in one consistent theme. Click Change next to Set style. Choose the style that suits you: modern, classic or boutique.

When editing your introductory text and thanks page, you can change the style class and add bold, italic and underline formatting to your text by using the toolbar in the editor.

Helpful tips

  • Set your text style first, then add formatting accents with bolding, italicizing or underlining within the text editor.
  • Active surveys and survey drafts will appear on your Campaigns page, right below your list of mailings. Click the options button next to any active survey to change the survey's publish settings, preview, edit or copy the survey.