About the drag & drop editor

Read on to learn how the drag & drop editor is simpler, more customizable and more stylish than the classic editor.

Then, visit this help section to learn how to get started building your mailing.

Better workflow

Your mailing creation process is dramatically streamlined -- reducing clicks and consolidating views to save you time.

  • An auto-save feature that saves as you go.
  • A bigger canvas for work. Get a view of the mailing's look without a whole lot of scrolling.
  • Live preview and proofing: no more separate tabs.
  • Move or lock your editing toolkit. Place it wherever makes the most sense to you as you work.

Flexible layouts

Instead of fixed content layouts, choose from one column, left column, right column, equal columns or three column layouts, then customize them from there.

  • Assemble text and image boxes easily by dragging, dropping, rearranging and editing them as your mailing comes together.
  • Adjust the alignment of your content blocks, add captions and set text-wrapping to suit your mailing's content and style.
  • Use the new Smart Sizing feature for images to automatically make them the same size -- and make sure they're in proportion to your mailing.

More creative formatting

Give your mailing a professional look with stylish new features.

  • Background colors. Call attention to important blocks of content using color, or set the background color of your entire mailing.
  • Borders. Highlight a section of content and add design interest, plus create coupons and call-out boxes.
  • Styles. Quickly apply coordinated styles for headlines, body text and captions.
  • Images. Choose an image from your computer or account library, or connect to pictures on Facebook and Flickr.

Built-in testing features

It's easier to make sure your mailings looks great before you send the real thing.

  • Send free tests to up to any 25 people.
  • Add a note for your test recipients to call out sections you'd like them to proof or pay extra attention to.